2004-2005; vacational pictures

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Sct. Peter & Paul Cathedral in Brno, Czech Rep. Trecín, Slowakia at the old castle of Trencin view of the cathedral of Brno a second picture from Bojnice
a fairy tale castle in Bojnice, Slowakia a visit to the Buchta family in Kurim
The old castle of Brono: Hrad Spilberk a view of the Prague castle
Also Bánska Stiavnica
Faamous basilika of Velherad, Czech Rep. also Velherad, with Hana Bartosova
Historical city Bánska Stiavnica, Slowakia
3 violins of the Neruda Street, Prague
nice church in Brno, Cz Streets of Brno, Cz
View of Cathedral, Brno Pekarská, Brno
Spilberk, Brno St Mary's Brno, 700 years old Change of guard, Prazký Hrad
Spilberk, Brno Brno, Namesti Miru Mendel Place, Brno Prazky Hrad old citywall, Prague
Prague Castle Parzký Hrad Impalement!! Prague Castle, Aug. 2005
Wallsteinská Zahrady Inquisition, Prague
Castle of Karlstejn Karlstejn Karlstejn village Two languages, Prague Painting Walsteinská Zahrady
modern art, Prague mother with cloudberries (multer) night Bru homeplace Karlstejn, Cz
Børja, Velfjord
two of my nephews with dog
Garden of my homeplace, Norway View garden Bru., Norway
Mowning lawn Bru, Norw.
View from homeplace My nephew Fredrik Another elk picture elk, seen from the garden of my homeplace Børja
Strompdal 2003
two of my brothers on mountain trip Brother, spouse and dog fish I got fish I didn´t get but my brother got
Neighbour in Norway