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As a great admirer of Vierne's music, and performer of all of his organ symphonies, I would like to decicate a html page to him.

Louis Vierne (1870 - 1937)

Louis Vierne was a French organist & composer born almost blind.He studied at the Paris Conservatory with César Franck and Charles Marie Widor. He was organist at Nôtre Dame de Paris 1900 - 1937. Organ professor at Schola Cantorum in Paris from 1912. Toured Europe and USA as an organ recitalist. Among his compositions were: 6 organ symphonies and shorter pieces for organ, a mass, string quartet, cello sonata, and a symphony for orchestra. He died while playing the organ at Nôtre Dame.

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Charles-Marie Widor (1844 - 1937)

Charles-Marie Widor was also a French organist & composer. He studied at Brussels under Lemmens, was organist at St. Sulpice, Paris 1870 - 1933 and was César Franck´s successor as organ proffessor at the Paris Conservatory 1890 (prof. of composition from 1896).He was a famous organ improviser. Edited complete organworks of Bach with Albert Schweitzer.Wrote treatise on modern orchestration, 1904. Among his composition were: 3 operas, ballets, 2 symphonies with organ, symphonic poems, 2 piano concerts, cello concert, 10 organ symphonies, shorter organ pieces and choral works.

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