This is a picture gallery featuring some highlights

from the most incredible life of Oddmund

myself at the grand organ of The National Shrine, Washington DC picture taken in front of the US Capitol 1989 early in the spring near my place in Norway this is my Steinway grand piano bought during summer 2001
During a visit to Velfjord, April 2004
the family summer residence in Norway at the organ console of Aarhus Cathedral, the greatest organ in Denmark "La Bocca", Buenos Aires, where the tango came from
from left: Prof. dr. jur. Hans Gammeltoft-Hansen, I and Norw. composer Oddvar Kvam, Nov. 2003 this is a historic organ in Belgium
picture taken near my place i Norway at the age of 12 I'm checking the weapons
at the Red Square, Moscow, during the final days of The Soviet Union 1991
My grandparents Pedro & Kristine with my father's oldest sister (1906)
my brother (right) and me in the garden
scenery near my place, also in Norway
in front of the White House, August 2002